Road to Success

Rédigé le 28/04/2019
A Pen 4 EU

by Bongani With his artwork Bongani decided to illustrate the importance of his trip to Europe. Presenting his scientific research at the Expo-Sciences constituted a major landmark in his young career. […]

DSC07614It was an emotional moment which made him look back on the path lying behind him. The road of his artwork represents his life with a timeline attached in the background.  It starts on the left in the year 2000 (year of his birth) with the flag of South Africa, his home country. Moving on in time, Bongani then placed little branches on the streets symbolizing the obstacles he had to overcome in order to persue his goals. Arriving in Belgium, he placed an airplane and the Belgian flag along the timeline representing his travel to Brussels. The last part of his artwork stands for the future. The yellow star suggests his hope of further professional success – the ellipsis finally indicates the uncertain continuation of his life.