A robot enjoys the sun

Rédigé le 27/04/2019
A Pen 4 EU

Lijana's artwork depicts a robot on vacation, listening to music, enjoying the sun. Her work makes us reflect upon how we behave in everyday life with respect to our environment:


Are we consciously paying attention to the implications of our actions, for instance the use of energy or the respect towards our fellow human beings? Or are we rather behaving like “mindless robots”, ignoring the warning signals of nature and society?

Lijana’s artwork could also be open to another interpretation: If we are continuing the pollution of the world, for instance with CO2 emissions, humans will no longer be able to expose themselves to the sun. Due to the hole in the ozone layer, it might only be possible for robots and other forms of artifical intelligence to exist in open space.

The artwork is therefore an encouragement not only to the European Union to persue its leading role in tackling the problem of CO2 emissions but also to the rest of the world to pay more attention to this imminent challenge which concerns us all.


Auteur: Liyana Rabah