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Rédigé le 09/11/2019
André Bossuroy

Trough artistic and audiovisual projects we analyze the memorial processes occurring in different countries of Europe from the point of view of young Europeans in the role of citizen reporters. These young reporters confront with historians and with the public the discoveries they make on the ground with witnesses who took part in the events of the past. With these films and artistic workshops they promote debates in schools, in universities, on radio and television.

30 years ago, the fall of the Berlin Wall - When art meets history -

After the Second World War, a political and ideological confrontation existed between the two superpowers which were the United States, the Soviet Union and their respective allies. A phoney war in Europe with no cannons or guns…. a cold war!
And for the young generations, this story of the Cold War tends to disappear in a lapse of memory. It is to find out more about this period that Lucas and Emilien, two students accompanied by Ariane, a violinist, travelled to Berlin, a city that saw the concentration of this war’s main tensions in Europe.

A project managed by the Mediel asbl (Belgium) and co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

Coordinator: André Bossuroy

Contact: aboss (a)