Finalized Conflict

Gabriel De la Riva Gutierrez

The workshop was going around conflict, specifically, around a conflict that separated people and nations, a conflict that lasts for so long and produced so many struggles afterward its "conclusion" for the population and it´s still present.
While I was thinking about what to do about it and how to represent it, something brought on me as inspiration a personal conflict 
External resources separate me from a person I love a lot, and afterward, it took me so long to get away from the memory and the feelings I had, (I'm still struggling with them) but then, once I touched the seat and heard the conflictive topic I just remember this internal case I have.
Inspired in the texture of the seat I wanted to paint this specific moment that reminds me of this person. The texture of the seat reminds me of her skin, the flowers were our favorite flowers and those flowers make me think so much in her; besides being just in a resting position, this memory brings me a peaceful feeling which I appreciate a lot. The reason why the painting was colocated in the back of the seat is to represent how this event, even though it is in the back of my life, is still so present and is supporting me in a certain way.
Once I applied the water-based paint I felt how the seat soaked the paint, showing as well, how this memory is really deep on my mind, maybe a little blurry, but still there.
For me, it was a good representation of a conflict, a "finalized conflict" that technically is over, but its consequences and effects are really present. For the external world looks over and calmed already, but for the people living it is something that has marked them and changed their lives; present on a daily basis and, in a certain way, turned into the base for its development.