Union of hopes


"United in diversity."  That's been your motto all along. Say, did you ever think, almost... 60 years later, rather united in adversity? A few words to tell you what we think of you, to tell you what is expected of you... But how can you not think about the events that have been bruising you for several months now? Some tell us that we are at war, others, like me, don't understand. How can this hatred could have grown so great? In the name of what and by what right do all these faces not ...will no longer know the radiance of a smile? All those lives taken away, just because I saw... by day in a free country. In a common-law union. In a union that is not only political, economic but also, and more than ever today, cultural and human. This union that has broken down barriers, broken down boundaries, and now they'd like to do it to us... give up, go back? They would divide us to rule better? No, not ever. Promise me
that you will never let them win. Like many, I've known you all my life. I am... your daughter. I'm French, but mostly European. I take advantage of this union, I travel, I study, I learn, I meet, I live. Beyond borders, no matter what the language or culture. is different, I discover them, I get rich. I am free in this Europe of a thousand miles. colours, a thousand aspects, a thousand faces. Free in this Europe of hearts that bleeding, but with beating hearts.