World Government


Georges' participation in the workshop illustrates the inter-generational approach of the project. Not only people from different countries but also from different generations were working next to each other, exchanging views about the challenges of today's world through their artworks.

At the center of Georges' installation is our earth represented by a shoebox. He chose this material because in his view the fragility of the cardboard reflected best the fragility of our planet. The mobile phones glued to the box stand for the different continents: Europe, Africa, America, Asia, ... and the holes in the telephone chassis' symbolize the different states. In Georges' view, one of the main problem's of today's world constist in the loss of state power with regard to the political decision making - in all areas: economy, finances, social welfare, ...
This power has shifted into the hands of private multinational cooperations and enterprises - Georges represented the impact of these companies through netting wire and electronic cables covering the entire earth - with the states caught in their network like in a spider's web.
George believes that the only way to counteract the erosion of citizen's rights and social values would be to create a world government with substantial powers over the multinational cooperations.