Connecting Difference - ONE Goal

The atomium could be taken as metaphor: representing a family, a society, a single state, a community of states, the entire world population or even a variety of ideas and concepts.

N Nat

Destruction or creation?

How do we define whether something is being created or destructed? Destruction is a form of creation. Destroying things together, bringing walls down and runing boundaries.

I Iva

Chained Spirit

This sculpture symbolizes the political situation between Ukraine and Russia today. Elements of this sculpture symbolizes a piece of history of the Ukrainian people. The two propellers symbolize two different countries as being at the same time close physically but far moral. The lower propeller looks down and the upper one looks up, symbolizing that they are moving in completely different directions. However, there is a small particle between them that explains why they are pointing in different directions. One of the important elements is the chain that symbolizes this conflict between the two countries. The final element is a butterfly that symbolizes the hope of the Ukrainian people for a bright and free future.

V Volodymyr Oleksovskyi

New beginning

At the beginning when I was looking for materials and inspiration, the first thing that caught my attention among all the different objects that were scattered on the floor was a piece of bark. When I looked more closely at it, I saw that inside the crack that splits the bark there are tiny, green buds, that ended up being my inspiration for this piece.

T Talia Chen

Take a second for the Earth

Not seeing the trash anymore makes it easier for our human conscience to ignore the actual consequences linked to the production of waste. Hala therfore decided to create a trashbin with transparent walls forcing us to see and face the implications of our deeds: If the visitor throws rubbish through the opening of the chair, before landing on the floor, it hits the light bulb placed in the middle of the blue cardboard. The bulb represents our earth. From an out-of-space perpsective, our earth seems like an immaculate blue planet. Contrary to this, Hala painted the earth only HALFWAY blue - with this she wants to express that due to our continuous pollution the earth is suffering a decolourization. The only way to prevent its complete destruction is to integrate more consciousness into our daily actions.

H Hala

World Government

Georges' participation in the workshop illustrates the inter-generational approach of the project. Not only people from different countries but also from different generations were working next to each other, exchanging views about the challenges of today's world through their artworks.

G Georges

Je vis en Euro-cosmopolitanie

Je suis fortement attachée à ce que j’appellerais les trois Europe. J’ai grandi et suivi ma scolarité en France, pays fondateur du mouvement d'intégration européenne ; j’ai vécu et étudié en Pologne et en République Tchèque, parties au grand élargissement de 2004 ; je suis née en Bosnie- Herzégovine, pays potentiellement candidat. L’élargissement de l’Union Européenne serait pour moi l’approfondissement de mon sentiment de citoyenne européenne.

B B.

Union of hopes

"United in diversity." That's been your motto all along. Say, did you ever think, almost... 60 years later, rather united in adversity? A few words to tell you what we think of you, to tell you what is expected of you... But how can you not think about the events that have been bruising you for several months now? Some tell us that we are at war, others, like me, don't understand. How can this hatred could have grown so great? In the name of what and by what right do all these faces not ...will no longer know the radiance of a smile? All those lives taken away, just because I saw... by day in a free country. In a common-law union. In a union that is not only political, economic but also, and more than ever today, cultural and human. This union that has broken down barriers, broken down boundaries, and now they'd like to do it to us... give up, go back? They would divide us to rule better? No, not ever. Promise me

M Mel

A.I. of the Storm

The metaphor of the Cold War invites us to analyse other forms of 'war' and violence present in our society, such as man-made warfare against the climate.

L Lexie Hill

Household War

My artwork speaks about the conflict of social housing in London. It shows how residents are trapped being forcibly moved from their houses and apartments to other social housing that can be halfway across the country. This, in my eyes, is a form of conflict as there is a violence in this eviction and social cleaning of the city. The string I used to wrap around the metal structure embodied this entrapment and inability to escape the governmental housing system. This for me is war that is not called a war as it has been constructed by those meant to prevent war.

E Edie Boulting

The Beauty through the Lens

Movement, concentration, and innovation are some of the main elements when it comes to creating our own artwork. Everyone could become an artist with different kinds of skills. You do not have to be good at drawing if you want to become an artist. It is pretty normal and encouraging for people who want to come out a design with whatever material it is. I took photos instead of constructing my artwork through random items. Photography is not just about pressing the shutter through a small window. I love capturing heartwarming visuals from either people’s movements or their intentions while they are into something interesting.

B Beck Hung

Finalized Conflict

The workshop was going around conflict, specifically, around a conflict that separated people and nations, a conflict that lasts for so long and produced so many struggles afterward its "conclusion" for the population and it´s still present.

G Gabriel De la Riva Gutierrez